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Does your brand work hard for your business?

September 2017

When starting a business many owners feel they can cut costs by ‘designing’ their own logo and marketing materials. However, unless they are particularly talented in the area of graphic design, they may find their plans backfire.

Design is not just about making something look pretty or trendy; your brand is your first point of engagement with your customers and needs to convey your values, inspire trust, recognition and hopefully admiration for your business.

We live in such a brand-conscious society where split-second assumptions are made on a subconscious level. Your logo, font, colour and even paper choices will reflect on how your business is perceived.

Consider your target market

When designing a logo for a client, I always consider their market place; will their brand appeal to their customers; is it something they will relate to and identify with?

Sometimes it is difficult for a client to put aside their own preferences in order to establish a brand their clients relate to. For example, a client may like to have a logo which reflects the colours of his favourite football team, but this may be wholly inappropriate for his business and target market.

In styling your logo you need to consider who you are aiming at; is it going to be a luxury or
low-cost brand, is it B2B or B2C? There are many aspects to consider when creating a successful brand. I always ask my clients to tell me who their target market is when I am designing their logos.

Technical principles

There are also three technical principles to bear in mind; your logo should be ‘describable’, ‘memorable’ and ‘scalable’. Think about well-known brands such as Apple, Nike, McDonalds etc.








From a practical point of view then, a successful logo should reflect these qualities. You should be able to apply your logo across many different materials; from your business card (often your first point of contact) to your website, a billboard poster to your vehicles.
The best and most memorable brands are often the simplest.

Building your brand – building your business

There are many factors to consider when building your brand and preparing your marketing materials. It really is worth investing in your brand to make sure you are conveying the right messages to the right customers. If necessary get professional design assistance as it can really make a difference, significantly improving sales, turnover and profit.

At The Malting House Design Studio we help our clients create appropriate, memorable brands that are appealing to their target customers. It’s an investment that we believe will make a huge difference to your business.

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