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Ewgeco - real time energy monitor
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Ewgeco is a real-time energy monitor that helps you keep track of electricity, water and gas usage. It was invented by tech entrepreneur Tanya Ewing after receiving a large gas bill. Tanya wanted to gain a better understanding of her energy consumption and take control of her bills. At that time there was no existing technology which would give Tanya the information she wanted so she set about designing Ewgeco. Her unique invention focuses on a traffic light display which can easily be interpreted by adults and children alike.


We developed the Ewgeco branding to reflect the product; an environmentally friendly devise which is easy to use, developed from Tanya’s original idea by a team of specialist product designers.
On finalising the branding design, we developed the Brand Manual which includes information on how to use the logo across many applications. We have also completed design work for stationery, leaflets, packaging, adverts, display panels, powerpoint presentations, installation manuals and the company’s website,



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