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Getting your branding right is key to business success

September 2017

A strong brand will demonstrate everything that is unique about your business.

It will give you credibility, improve perception, set you apart from your competitors, inspire trust and provide recognition in the market place.

At the Malting House Design Studio we produce creative solutions that reflect the personality and culture of your business; communicating compelling messages between you and your customers.

We draw together elements of colour, form, image and type to form unique designs that reinforce your core values. Your brand should have instant impact whilst setting you apart from your competitors.

Successful brands are memorable and versatile.

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

• Is your brand unique and memorable?

• What makes your brand stand apart from your competitors?

• How does your brand express your business personality and culture?

• Does your brand appeal to your target market?

Your brand design needs to be technically versatile because it will be rolled out in many formats:- stationery, website, clothing, vehicles, exhibitions, billboards, marketing materials.
It has to be legible on a small and large scale, on screen and in print.

Research is key

Research is key to designing a successful brand. Consideration should be taken to the target market, ideal clients/customers, competitors, products or services offered, business location, tastes and preferences of the client and the customer!

Keep your brand appropriate to your target market, appealing to the tastes of your customer and not favouring the colours of your favourite football club…

Your brand should be timeless – something that is trendy this season may look dated within a few months.

There are many factors to consider when designing your brand and preparing your marketing materials. It really is worth investing in your brand to make sure you are conveying the right messages to the right customers. A professionally designed brand will make a difference, significantly improving perception, sales and profit.

At The Malting House Design Studio we create appropriate, memorable brands for our clients that are appealing to their target customers. It’s an investment that we believe will make a huge difference to your business.

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