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Immediate Care Training (Ireland) 
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Immediate Care Training (Ireland) provides Healthcare Professionals and emergency service organisations opportunities, through core training, education, postgraduate courses and Continuing Professional Development, to improve the health and care of the population.

The client required a brand which 'is simple, clear and illustrates the core business values of innovation, education and integration’.

Our initial research focussed on the medical industry, particularly looking at appropriate shapes, typefaces, colours and themes.
We also investigated Celtic art and explored ways of incorporating traditional Irish patterns into the branding.


Early visuals explored the use of a cross shape, long recognised in the medical industry. The client liked the simplicity and clarity of the concepts and asked us to develop the idea to incorporate the shape of the Star of Life, a six-pointed star, internationally recognised in medicine.

On approval of the concept we explored several colour options before choosing a rich red and green colour palette offset with a
mid grey. The new brand was rolled out across stationery, website, course certificates, marketing materials, exhibition units, clothing and vehicle graphics.

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