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Practical points for producing perfect publications
Part 2 - Page Furniture

November 2018

Did you know that magazines had ‘furniture’? In this blog I’ll share with you all the things you need to consider to help your readers navigate through your publication.

‘Page furniture’ relates to  the design elements of your magazine or newspaper which give your readers recognisable clues on how to navigate through the pages. The design and style should reflect the tone of your magazine and be mindful of the needs of your audience.

Your page furniture should be consistent in every edition of your publication and have a considered approach in line with your design style and ethos. Think about how your page furniture works with your typefaces, grid and colour scheme.

On the cover:

  1. Masthead – this could be a logo, icon or monograph. Your masthead should be instantly recognisable across all editions of your magazine helping your readers to pick it out of a crowded magazine rack.
  2. Strap line – if you use a strap line it should sum up your magazine in 10 words of less, letting new readers immediately understand the ethos of your magazine.
  3. Cover lines – or subhead lines – are teasers about your magazine’s content enticing the reader to pick it up.

Somewhere on your cover, you may also need to include the date, price, issue number,
ISSN number and bar code.










In the early pages of your publication you may also want to include the following:

  1. Editor’s letter -  setting the editorial tone of the magazine. In this example there is also a letter from the creative directors.
  2. Contributors - you might like to acknowledge your writers, photographers and illustrators. You could use a small photograph and short bio.
  3. Credits – credit your cover image and its creator!
  4. Colophon – here you can list the names and contact details of key editorial and sales (advertising) staff along with your post and website address. You can also include publishing details and highlight print and paper information. For example, if you use paper accredited by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
  5. Contents page – this is list of sections and articles with page references. You can be creative with this page and highlight any particular features.










Discuss your design style with your creative director. Will every page have a unique design reflecting the article or will all your layouts follow the magazine style?

  1. Title – a clear headline that should grasp the attention of the reader.
  2. Standfirst – a short paragraph that introduces the article and draws in the reader.
  3. Folios – are your page numbers helping your readers to find the content they’re looking for.
  4. Captions – caption every image even if it seems obvious. This gives your reader a quick reference point. Make sure you credit the artist.
  5. Pull quotes – these are quotations pulled from the body text to draw the reader through longer pieces of text and give interest to the page layout.
  6. Section details – Use a section header to help readers find different themes throughout your magazine.

Examples shown are from GQ Magazine and the University of Dundee publication The Magdalen.

Read more about magazine design in “So you want to publish a magazine” by Angharad Lewis.

Resources – learn more…

So you want to publish a magazine – Angharad Lewis

Magazine Designs That Work, Stacey King

Making and breaking the grid, Timothy Samara


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