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It is our vision to establish the Malting House Design Studio as a creative
and vibrant business in the heart of Dundee’s Cultural Quarter, that will not
only impact the local business community but be sought after throughout Scotland and beyond.

Our passion for design and commitment to excellence will result in outcomes that surpass expectations, delivered to extremely high standards - work that
we are incredibly proud of.

We use our expertise to develop design and marketing materials that share
our clients’ authentic story, engage their target audiences, instil loyalty and credibility, and help them surpass their business goals.



Creativity - we champion creativity and the benefits of good design. We are creative thinkers and visual problem solvers, using our expertise to produce unique designs and marketing solutions that inspire, inform and captivate.
We work with integrity to deliver outcomes that surpass expectations. We are incredibly proud of the work we create and have a positive attitude to produce our best efforts at all times.

Care - we take care in our work, paying meticulous attention to detail and deliver to extremely high standards. We take care of our clients and work closely with them to fully align ourselves with their goals and ambitions and tailor our services accordingly. We also take care of our people, with close working relationships, an empathic management style and a supportive atmosphere to encourage continued professional development.

Courage - we believe that by developing and growing in our skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence we can push boundaries to create truly innovative solutions. We inspire our clients to be brave in their adoption of new ideas and innovations to enhance their marketing strategies. We won’t compromise our ethical principles but will confront reality and accept responsibility when necessary.

Community - we connect with those around us to achieve positive outcomes in our local community. We encourage our staff to engage with local business networks, charities and community projects. We provide a supportive environment and meaningful employment opportunities for young designers. Our door is always open to inspire, share our skills and knowledge, and to encourage others in their business journey.



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