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Helping you communicate COVID-19 guidelines

Fully customised, branded posters for your retail business, salon or office

Office poster COVID19.png

Sample office poster

Retail poster COVID19.png

Sample retail business poster

Salon Poster COVID19.png

Example of salon poster

As we begin our first tentative steps out of lockdown, we’re all preparing for life in a COVID world. Every business reopening in the coming weeks and months will need to assess the COVID-related risks and most will have to make changes to the way people use the space.


There has so far been a feeling that these arrangements are temporary; that they’ll be removed ‘once the virus is over’. But the virus isn’t going to be ‘over’ any time soon. Lockdown may lift, but we’ll have to shop, work, pamper and dine out very differently for a while.

With this in mind, and knowing that signs, notices and posters will play an important role in communicating how to keep people safe, we’ve developed a range of customisable posters to help get vital messages across while complementing your existing brand. We want your COVID signage to look well-designed, like everything else in your business.


We also want the posters to be affordable –your budget may be tight right now. So we’ve created stylish templates that we can adapt quickly and simply, using your colour palette, font and logo, to ensure they fit your brand and your premises. Using an adaptable template means we can provide a cost-effective solution to carrying your message and brand across signage that will be a fixture in your premises for the foreseeable future.

Specification and prices

A4 and A3 digital posters

Printed on tear-proof, weatherproof film

Customised with your logo and company colours

4 x A4 posters £30

4 x A3 posters £40

A3 window or door vinyl sticker

For external application to windows or doors

Customised with your logo and company colours

A3 vinyl sticker £30

A2 and A1 digital posters

Textured PVC

Customised with your logo and company colours

A2 posters £35

A1 posters £40

All above prices include delivery by DPD.

We will ask you to supply a PDF or EPS of your company logo.

Please contact us for prices for multiple quantities on any of the above items. We can also supply floor vinyls, A-Frame poster systems and pull-up banners in various sizes (2m, A3 and A4).

Please complete the form below with details of your requirements or call us on 07515 653599. One of our team will get in touch to arrange for you to send a PDF or EPS of your logo and company colour references, if you have them. We will send you a pdf proof for approval before issuing an invoice. Payment terms: 7 days.

I’d like to place an order 

Thanks for your order. One of our team will be in touch soon.

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