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Branding and design
Digital Marketing and social media
Marketing strategy

Free resources

Download these free worksheets and resources to help with your branding, communications, marketing and productivity.

Social Media Strategy worksheet

Social Media Strategy Worksheet


Digital Media Planner

The Malting House Branding and Marketing Worksheet

Marketing & Branding Worksheet

The Malting House Design Studio Smart Goals worksheet

Smart Goals


Competitor Analysis

The Malting House Design Studio Sales Ladder

Sales Ladder

The Malting House Design Studio Sunflower Model

Sunflower Model

The Malting House Design Studio SWOT Analysis worksheet

SWOT Analysis

The Malting House Design StudioDirect Mail Planner

Direct Mail Planner

Daily Planner
The Malting House Design StudioPress Release Template

Press Release Template

How to respond to negative reviews.jpg

Customer Care

Top tips for taking great photographs for social media and marketing materials

Top Tips for great photos

Customer-persona worksheet

Customer Persona


Daily Planner

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