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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing offers so many opportunities to reach potential customers or clients in different ways. We want to help you make the most of these. We also want to help you be efficient and effective in your use of social media, to engage with your customers and clients,  and attract new business.

Our team can support you with planning and regular support. 


Our approach

  • We listen carefully to your goals and ambitions

  • We work collaboratively with you

  • We help you to tell your authentic story, build credibility, and improve profits

  • We create unique, tailored solutions that work for your business

How can we help you?

We will meet you and your team to find out what you are trying achieve and advise you on the best solutions for your business or organisation. We can help from the early stages of developing your strategies through to planning and content, writing and publishing.


We can help you with:

Digital marketing​

  • e-newsletters for your customers

  • digital stationery, for example Word templates

  • PowerPoint presentation templates

  • interactive digital brochures 

Social media

  • social media strategy developing

  • setting up your social media accounts

  • content planning and writing for social media

  • organising a social media rota for your team

  • blog writing and content creation

We can provide:

  • an interactive workshop to help you and your team develop your social media and/or digital marketing strategy

  • review of your current social media activity with advice on the best ways forward

  • training to run social media accounts for business

We can also create a tailored package for you, across a range of our services. 

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