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Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce

We have been working with the Chamber for a number of years and in early 2020 we were invited to redesign their brand identity as part of a wider digital transformation in the organisation which would see them launch a new website in autumn 2021.


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The Chamber required a dynamic and engaging brand that provided a vibrant look and feel to the organisation, whilst also demonstrating their reach, energy and a sense of place. Representing over 67,000 people working in diverse sectors such as food & drink, tourism, science & technology, renewables, healthcare, textiles and education, the new brand needed to capture everything that is unique about the region and its industrial history.


We began the design process by hosting a brand workshop for members of the Chamber team looking at their vision, values, proposition, positioning, personality, etc, whilst building a comprehensive picture of what the Chamber delivers for its members along with its ambitions to deliver an exceptional experience to create a vibrant, successful region in which businesses thrive.


We developed several concepts for consideration taking forward the preferred montage design which depicts different icons representing the region’s history and industry. A simple brand guideline documents the different logo formats and best practice for using them, along with details of the preferred typeface and colour palette. We also provided a digital pack which included all the logo versions, in different file formats, for print and digital use.


The brand was unveiled on the new Chamber website in July 2021, almost a year after the brand workshop. We provided social media graphics to announce the launch, along with new signage and vinyl graphics for the premises at City Quay. We have also developed templates for stationery and member certificates, and have adapted the design of the Quarterly Economic Indicator brochure to reflect the new guidelines.


The new brand has been received favourably by the Chamber team as well as by members. They now have a unique and engaging brand which highlights many aspects that make our region such a fabulous place to live and work.


Brand workshop, brand identity and guidelines, signage, vinyl graphics, social media templates, stationery and certificate templates, QEI brochure.

DACC Logo variations
Launch graphics for social media
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