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Branding, graphic design and vehicle graphics NHS CSMEN

Branding, vehicle graphics, graphic design and print for the NHS Clinical Skills mobile teaching unit.


Healthcare & Education


Logo design


Vehicle graphics


Promotional folder

Video production

Evaluation Report

The purpose of the Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network (CSMEN) was to commission and build a high-tech mobile skills unit to take medical training “on the road” to doctors and nurses who live and work in rural areas. By taking the training to them, they could avoid downtime which was lost in traveling to training venues in larger cities.

Our first involvement with the organisation was to develop a visual style for stationery and business cards. We went on to adapt the design across a number of applications including a mobile classroom which would be used to give clinical skills education in rural areas.

The finished design is a combination of large scale images for impact on the road and smaller images for interaction by those using the classroom. All the images had to reflect the kind of education that would take place on-board as well as displaying appropriate cultural diversity. As the project is sponsored by NHS Education for Scotland, we also incorporated their logo following the NES brand guidelines.

The initial concepts for the mobile classroom were designed on scale drawings provided by Cebotech, the engineering company delivering the build. Once the design and photography were approved we prepared the final artwork for Smart Graphics who would apply the printed panels to the vehicle.

We had the pleasure of attending the ‘unveiling’ of the mobile classroom by Ms Shona Robinson MSP, Minister for Public Health, during the Scottish Clinical Skills Alliance conference in Stirling. 
It was great to see the graphics which we had designed on our desktop applied on a large scale. Everyone involved with the project was suitably impressed with the finished result the finished result!

Further work included designing regular newsletters for the network, producing a promotional video and creating a report detailing the process of designing and manufacturing the mobile unit.

Concept visuals for the NHS Clinical Skills mobile teaching unit
NHS Clinical Skills mobile unit at the launch event at Stirling University
Clinical Skills Managed Education Network; launch of the mobile teaching unit at Stirling University

Jeanette Stevenson, Educational Projects Manager 
Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network

I have worked in partnership with The Malting House Design Studio on successful design projects over several years.


In my post with the Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network, The Malting House submitted a competitive quotation to win the contract to create the branding for the Network. I was delighted that they won the contract as I knew from previous experience that they would interpret our brief well and that they had a professional and flexible approach to their work, which was always of the highest standard.


The Malting House did an excellent job in capturing the essence of the Network with a simple branding device which had to work alongside existing NHS branding guidelines. They went on to develop our stationery and an appropriate style for our all our printed marketing and online material giving us a unique presence within the Scottish  healthcare sector.


Taking the branding a step further, they created the vehicle graphics for our flagship project, a 10 metre long mobile classroom used for clinical training in remote and rural areas. They took to the project with their usual diligence and commitment and delivered an excellent solution. The unit has a strong visual impact both from a distance and  up-close and demonstrates the breadth of clinical skills education available. The Malting House co-ordinated the work between the vehicle manufacturer and the production company applying the graphics.


Since the completion of the mobile classroom, The Malting House has assisted us in preparing training packs and also overseeing the production of a promotional DVD,  which has been received well when shown at national and international conferences.


We worked with The Malting House on a regular basis to update our marketing material and also to produce a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter has been an effective tool  for increasing stakeholder engagement in our projects. I particularly appreciated their ability to take even dull information (our process frameworks for quality assurance of skills education for example) and make it visually pleasing and easily accessible. Through building up an effective working relationship, The Malting House were able  to interpret our requirements at every stage of the project delivering quality work, timely, efficiently and within budget every time.

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