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Book review: ‘The Memory Book’ by Tony Buzan

This is an excellent book in my opinion. As well as good, clear explanations about how memory ‘works’ (which is fascinating in itself!), the author details a number of memory techniques which are easy to learn and give you an excellent new ‘party trick’ to impress family and friends! The book is designed to be written in and has memory tests and space to record ideas so it can become a really practical project.

Although I’ve not mastered the most advanced technique in the book (the one which can help you memorise packs of cards etc.) I definitely felt more confident having some tools to use. The 'pegging' systems make lots of sense and once learnt can be used in any situation.

Tony is also a great advocate for creativity and imagination as he maintains that when you combine the techniques with the simultaneous development of all your senses, you can literally 'blast your memory capability into the stratosphere'. He dispels the myth that memory should deteriorate with age, arguing that it should actually improve and you begin to wonder why no one teaches us this kind of useful stuff in school!

It also led to a bit of humour in my house: I'd sometimes ask family members if they'd seen the book I was reading. 'Why, can't you remember where you left your memory book? You must really need it!' was the sniggered response. However I got the last laugh when I got 20/20 in our Zoom version of Kim's game last week...just saying!

Paperback, 264 pages, Publisher: BBC Active


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