• Ramanee Bengough

Are you ready for Christmas?

Dare we mention Christmas? We know that many of you plan for your festive business well in advance – but we wanted to share a few tips with you to make the most of this time of year.

1 - Check your photography stock

Have you got some great product images for sharing online? If not, time to get some new ones taken. Remember the different shapes and orientations for the different social media channels. Our go-to site for that information is Sprout Social.

2 - Look out for old content

Google your business and the word “Christmas” - make sure that any of your existing website content is still valid. Does it mention a year? Does it need refreshing? Time to do that now.

3 - Revisit your own website

People are searching for present ideas, and might be landing on your website or social media for the first time.

Visit your site using an incognito* browser window, and try to be a new visitor. How quickly do you find what you want to know or buy?

(*in the top right of your browser click the three dots, and choose “incognito” or “inPrivate” option – your normal cookie settings etc will not apply).

4 - Buy one of your own products

Remind yourself of the whole customer journey, including the emails and follow-up information, packaging etc. Are you a happy shopper? Or could you make the process even better before Christmas shoppers arrive?

5 - Email newsletters

Help your customers to plan ahead too, by sending out a timely newsletter. Add “Shop early for Christmas” offers, and let them know if you are attending festive markets and fairs. Send them directly to the relevant part of your website, and track who’s opening the messages and clicking through.

6 - Bundle up

Bring additional value to your customers, and increase your own sales. Offer product bundles as Christmas gifts, such as a ‘pamper pack’ of toiletries, or ‘coffee and cake’ deals.

7 - Treat your customers

How about a Christmas gift of a small promotional item, or a greetings card with a personalised message for loyal customers or clients? Or treat them with a hamper of goodies.

This is the perfect time of year to thank loyal customers and it can often payback richly in terms of positive reviews and comments. Remember to share images on your own social media, and tag your suppliers too.

8 - Gift vouchers

Do you sell an experience rather than a physical product? Some people are looking for gift vouchers to give your experience to someone else. Make sure they are easy to find on your website.

9 - Sparkles & snowflakes

Feeling creative? Add a few sparkles or snowflakes to your website, images, and products to get people in the festive spirit.

10 - Shop local

A lot of shoppers are favouring local suppliers – can people click and collect from you, meet you at a market or fair, or do you offer local deliveries? Try to make it easy for your customers, and yourself!

Look out for any ‘shop local’ schemes in your nearest town/city, which might be run by the local Council or Traders Association. Make sure you use their hashtags in your publicity too.

11 - Countdown

Plan some countdown social media content – XX weeks to go, or an advent calendar throughout December.

Use this regime to share facts about your business and products, offers, a review of the year, etc.

Another one to try is the 12 days of Christmas, from Boxing Day onwards.

12 - Don’t stop at Christmas

Use some of these ideas as we move into the New Year. Think about weekly social media content - what can you re-use from the festive posts you wrote? Keep sharing details of how people can meet you or find you.

People need gifts all year round – rework your Christmas present words to suit them.

Let us help ...

If you’re busy with your business, it can be hard to find the time to do this sort of marketing, especially if you find it a chore! Fortunately, we love this kind of project so let us help at this hectic time. Get in touch if you want to discuss how we can help you make the most of the festive season.