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West End Christmas Logo Design Competition

Rudolph has been working with Santa for a long time, and although they are famous all over the world, they’ve decided they need a logo for their Christmas delivery company. The Malting House designers are very busy, so they need your help.

The challenge 

  • Think of a name for Rudolph’s Christmas delivery company

  • Design a logo 

  • Include a strapline  or catchphrase if you like

  • Keep in mind that Rudolph’s customers are children


Logo design

Logos are all around us. You can probably recognise a lot of companies when you see their logo.

Some are quite clever - have you ever spotted the arrow in the FedEx logo (between the E and the X)?

or that the Amazon smile stretches from A to Z?


Get designing

Grab a piece of paper, and your pencils/pens, or use your favourite drawing app. Decide on a name for Rudolph’s delivery company. When designing your logo you’ll need to think about which colours and shapes to use.

The Malting House designers often develop several different logo concepts to show their clients – so if you have a few ideas ask your family and friends to help you pick the best one.


You’ll need to send in a digital image, so if you’ve designed your logo on paper, send a photo or scan of your design.

You can send a jpg, eps, pdf or docx file.


Remember this must be your own original work so copies of other designers’ work and existing logos are not acceptable.

Deadline and prizes

Send in your logo design by 5pm on Saturday 10th December. Ask an adult to submit your logo using the form below. Only one design per child. Adults or teachers can send in designs from more than one child.

The judges’ decision is final.

Three prizes will be awarded for our favourite designs – gift vouchers for £25, £15 and £10.

Terms & Conditions

This competition is open to all primary school-aged children living or attending school in the West End of Dundee.

Applications should be submitted by 5pm Saturday 10th December. Winners will be chosen and notified by 23rd December. The winning logo designs will be shown on this page.


Designs can be hand or computer drawn, and must be an original piece of work.


Only one entry per designer is permitted, and must be submitted by an adult.


No one related to The Malting House team or the West End Christmas Committee can enter.


There are three prizes – gift vouchers for £25, £15 and £10.


Winners will be notified to the adult’s email address provided.
The Malting House will arrange for winners to receive their prizes.


Winning designs may be used by The Malting House and West End Christmas on social media and other publicity.


The designers will retain copyright of their design.


We will use the personal details supplied to operate this competition, which will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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