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Branding and exhibition design for Whitehead Railway Museum

Branding and exhibition design
for a new railway museum in Northern Ireland.


Tourism & Culture


Brand workshop

Brand design

Brand guidelines

Exhibition design  
Interactive displays and activities

Website concepts

Leaflet and guidebook




CollaboratIng with GBDM and curator Lesley Walker we produced exhibition materials for a new railway museum at Whitehead, Northern Ireland.


The Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI) have been renovating and running steam locomotives on the mainline for over 50 years.


They received over £3 million of investment from the Heritage Lottery and Tourism Northern Ireland to improve their workshop facilities and open a new visitor attraction at Whitehead.

The exhibitions tell the history of the railways in Ireland and of some of the pioneers who brought rail travel to Whitehead in the 19th Century.


Further panels celebrate the contribution of volunteers to the organisation and we commissioned a series of full length portrait photography to compliment the vintage source material.


Other areas of the exhibition describe the processes and methods used to renovate steam locomotives and carriages.


The exhibitions are enhanced by a comprehensive programme of multi-media touch screens used throughout all areas of the museum and also simple interactive activities for children including brass rubbing and a dressing-up cart.

We also designed the new branding along with a comprehensive brand manual covering many aspects of the new museum’s marketing materials, merchandise and uniforms.

The branding is inspired by the first item acquired in the RPSI collection - Locomotive 171.

Guidebook visual psd created by freepik -

Whitehead Railway Museum logo.jpg
Whitehead Railway Museum guidebook visua
Whitehead Railway Museum website visual.
Whitehead Railway Museum app visual.jpg
Whitehead Railway Museum uniforms.jpg
Whitehead Railway Museum merchandise.jpg
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