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Social media check in

Social media can be a valuable part of your marketing efforts, but can also eat up time very easily. You need to keep ahead of the latest changes in how Facebook works, and the current hashtags and trends. We can help you navigate the social media maze, and make the best use of your time.

Ramanee Bengough, our Communications Director, recommends that you start by taking stock:

  1. Which social media platforms are you using (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook etc)? Make a list and consider whether they are all still relevant for your business.

  2. Are there any accounts which you set up but no longer use? If so, think how that reflects on your business. It’s time to remove or restart them.

  3. Do you still have all the passwords? Are they long, strong and safely stored? If not, take the opportunity to tighten up your security.

Then think about your social media strategy. Download our template to get started, then get in touch to book a one to one session. We can ensure that your social media strategy and plans fit into the rest of your marketing plans, and help you maximise the impact of your posts and generate more business.

If you want to get in touch with Ramanee, please email


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