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How to support your favourite small businesses (without spending any money)

Did you know there are lots of ways you can help your favourite small businesses, and it doesn't cost you a penny? Use your digital “word of mouth”. Start by finding them on social media (whichever channels you use), and make sure you are following them. Then try out some of the following ideas, which will get them seen by more people, and hopefully send more business in their direction.

1. Share posts

Share or retweet some of their posts, so that some of your friends see it. Add your own comment too, and share your experience with them. Share their posts in Facebook groups to reach a wider audience too. “This is my favourite cafe”, “Love this product”.

2. Like posts

A really simple one, but don’t forget to “like” some of the posts they put out. The more people like a post, the more people Facebook (& co) will show it to. So “love”, “wow” or “laugh” at their jokes.

3. Answer questions

If they post a question, then answer it. Again the more interaction they get, the more people will see their posts. Whether they are asking about your weekend plans, or your favourite product, pop a comment in the box.

4. Tag a friend

If you know someone who you think needs to see a post, then tag them in the comments. Your friend might not be following the business, but will get notified that you’ve tagged them. “@FRIEND this is the place I was talking about”.

5. Say something nice

Why do you like this business? Say why when you comment. More comments means greater reach for their posts, and another person saying nice things will help others decide where to spend their money. “a fabulous, friendly team”, “felt really special”.

6. Post a photo

Bought something practical or had a lovely meal? Then post a photo on your social media, and tell people who supplied it. Even if they don’t use the social media channel that you do, you’re making sure even more people hear about them. “We’ve finally finished our bedroom makeover, curtains hand-made by xxxx, carpet from xxxx...”

7. Tag them

If they are on the same channels as you, then don’t forget to tag them when you post your photo. Pop them into the location of your photo, and if someone’s looking for recommendations, tag the business in your reply.

8. Leave a review

Do you look at online reviews before buying? Don’t underestimate the value you can add to a business by leaving a good review. Whether it’s on Google or Facebook, tell people you’re a happy customer. Write a genuine comment and help future customers make a decision.

Some easy ways to help small businesses, even if you only have a small social media following, your engagement with their posts will help them reach a wider audience.

Give it a try!


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