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Why come to The Malting House for website support?

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We’re often approached by clients who have a website that they can’t update, or they’ve started to develop one themselves, but have got stuck.

Let us help you, so you can spend more time in your business rather than on your business.

We are Wix partners, with experience of building, improving, and editing Wix websites for a wide range of clients.

“Help! I need a new website!”

Our experienced team can get your website designed, built and published, and in front of your potential clients and customers, very quickly. We’ll make it look good, reflecting your brand style and colours, so that’s its engaging for your audience. And we’ll make sure everything works smoothly for a great user experience.

Before and after images of a website
Before and after...

We can get your website looking and working the way you want it to, so that it is engaging for your clients and shows off your business in its best light.

“I want to be able to do my own updates”

We’ll set up your website, so that you (and your colleagues) can make updates, and add blog posts, whenever you want to. We can give you some training, and advice on writing for the web, and of course, we’re always here to help if you have any questions afterwards.

“I don’t know where to start”

First of all, we’ll chat to you about your business and your goals, before making some suggestions. Our team of experts can create the visual look of your site, manage the technical aspects of hosting and connecting your domain name, and help you write engaging content. Just let us know what you need, we’re happy to support you as much or as little as you require.

“What about an online shop?”

No problem! We can help you get your e-commerce shop set up, whether you have your own products or services to sell, or want to explore the world of drop-shipping with your own custom designs. We can set up card payments and PayPal, and arrange for payouts directly to your bank account.

“Can I add new pages and functionality to my website”

We’ll set up your website so it can grow with your business. You’re not restricted to a limited number of pages. We’ll also advise on apps and integrations to support your marketing and business processes. Come back to us any time you need advice or want to add new functionality to your website.

“Will Google be able to find my website?”

We’ll set up your website so that search engines can find it – a combination of the actual text and visual content on your site, and the way we set up the pages for you. We’ll also set up your Wix Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), register your site map with Google, and create a Google Analytics account for you so you can measure your website’s performance.

“I want my site to work on a mobile phone”

All the websites we build are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop screens creating a great user experience on every device.

“I’ve got an old website, can I keep the same web address?”

We’ll connect your website to your existing domain name if you have one, or help you register one if you don’t. We can also manage all your website hosting requirements.

“I’m on a limited budget”

We’ll work with you to help you manage your website budget; you can pay a one-off fee, spread payments over several months or even pay a small amount monthly over the lifespan of your website.

Why choose The Malting House for your website project?

Our helpful and friendly team will support you every step of the way.

We’ll put you at ease, answer all your questions, however silly you think they are, and try to avoid technical jargon. Our diverse backgrounds in design, business and science means that we see things from multiple perspectives which is perfect for anticipating any issues and creating websites that perform well.

We hope we’ve reassured you about how we can help. What’s stopping you? Get in touch today and start making your website work well for your business.


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