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Business teams take on assault course during team-building event at Slessor Gardens

Chamber Force Stretch event at Slessor Gardens
Debbie and Wendy with the “Mixed Bag Maniacs”

Taking place on Reserves Day, the ChamberForce Stretch event had various teams taking part. Some of the activities taking place included an assault course, pellet shooting, crossing a simulated mine field and reassembling a map that had been scrambled by an imaginary enemy.

The event was organised by ChamberForce - a collaboration which launched last year between Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce and the military - and Dundee City Council (DCC).Alison Henderson, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “The day is about giving people a chance to work together and build a better team. It’s a chance for the armed forces to show business their best practices and give them something to learn from.

“It helped that we had such a glorious day to be out in Slessor Gardens. It’s a mix of mental and physical challenges so they have to work together.

“This is the first time we’ve done this, and we only formed ChamberForce around nine months ago, so we hope to bring it back next year and make it bigger and better and get more people involved.

“There are some people who came today who didn’t really know the other people in their team, but by the end of the day they were communicating better and working together as teams.

”Some of the teams involved came from organisations such as Hillcrest, West Park Conferencing and Events, Dundee Gin Company, Helm Training and more.Some of the teams were mixed, but most kept within their respective organisations.Sarah Craig, DCC city centre manager, was at Slessor Gardens working with some of the teams.She said: “It is a way to support Reserves and it is a really good team building event.

”The winning team of the day was Dundee City Council. The Mixed Bag Maniacs - a team made up of the Chamber of Commerce, The Malting House Design Studio and the Dundee Gin Company - took the runner-up prize.

Reserves Day is an annual celebration of the contribution reservists make to the armed forces.


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