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Reflecting on how far we’ve come...

Wendy had the pleasure of sharing her career and business journey with third and fourth year graphic design students from Duncan Of Jordanstone College Art & Design today; from her own days as a student at the college and how she moved from being employed to self-employed, then to setting up a limited company, and encouraging the students to set goals and think about what they want to achieve in their own careers.

Wendy shared the conversation with Noel O'Connor co-founder of Emperor, and found some similarities in their experiences.

Wendy is passionate about supporting women in the design sector so it was great to see so many female students on the call and to have the opportunity to encourage, and hopefully inspire them to achieve their own dreams and ambitions.

Thanks to Dave Wood, Programme Director at DJCAD for the invitation to take part in the call! There’s definitely been a few bumps along the way but it’s still good to reflect on how far we’ve come!


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