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Stitching the story of Dundee

mobile phones showing visuals from The Dundee Tapestry website

We’re delighted to support #TheDundeeTapestry with the digital interpretation for their exhibition at V&A Dundee.

The exhibition features 35 stunning panels designed by Andrew Crummy MBE and Dr Frances Stevenson, and stitched by 140+ volunteers, showcasing the spirit of the city, its history and its people in vibrant detail.

There are lots of local icons, landmarks and stories woven into the tapestries and lots to learn about the city. The digital interpretation gives another layer of insight into the many hidden gems stitched into the panels.

Scan the QR codes at the exhibition or visit the website to see all of the panels and read many of the stories behind the stitches!

The exhibition is open at the V&A Dundee until 28 April and free to enter.


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