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The benefits of going from big to small

Prior to joining the Malting House I worked for a large organisation for a number or years and when I say large, I mean large. I was one of 87,000 staff. What I’ve realised in the short time I’ve been with the Malting House is there are a number of benefits to working in a small team and the change has been quite refreshing.

From day one I’ve been impressed with the pace that things happen. Projects get kicked off a lot quicker without having to seek approval from everyone and their dog. I like a faster pace and a more flexible approach to working. I was also very impressed I had my email set up and access to relevant folders on day one. I was ready to hit the ground running and not held up waiting for someone to issue my security pass!

A small team means less resource, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Projects can be followed through from start to finish ensuring there is consistency throughout the process. There is also the opportunity to diversify skills, instead of handing over a part of the project you might normally tackle to someone else you have the opportunity to build your skill set. I am already looking into ways I can develop my skills.

Working with a small team means better connections with your colleagues and clients. I’ve yet to meet all the Malting House team face to face as we’re still in lockdown but I feel I’ve got to know them pretty well. I am also really looking forward to meeting clients (virtually or face to face!) and getting the chance to speak with them in the upcoming months.


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